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pen.gif  I've been busying making templates these days, if you can't tell! And my next, "Tiny Blogger" has been one of my favorites to make. Tiny Blogger is beyound easy to use, and like all my templates cross-browser and W3CValid (XHTML). As well it only runs on 9.0kb of graphics for the layout. Most every one will find this template extremely easy to use, one look at the source and you'll understand.

untitled.gif  This template also comes with various other Wingding graphics, in scheme. As well as themed blockquote, H4 and H5 css-styles. As an extra, there is a replacment CSS file that aligns the template to the right of a page on a 800x600 ratio.

untitled.gif  The templates I submit are royaly free, I ask for no buttons, banners or link-backs. Not even credit. But I'd truely love to see how you put the template to use. Feel free to drop me a line, and tell me what you thought or how you used it! Cheers! Derrick Koenig - liquid.knights (at) gmail dot com

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